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Future Christian Leaders

Camp Scholarships for Grace Kids

Summer kids camp at Hartford City has traditionally had a major impact on kids and their relationship with Jesus. Many kids experience God’s presence and power in deeper ways than a traditional church service. Our goal is to help as many kids attend camp as possible.

GOAL: $5,000

Camp Scholarships for Grace Students

Summer kids camp has historically made a major impact on middle school and high school students. We aim for as many students to attend our youth camps in Hartford City every summer. Many students experience a calling to ministry, salvation, rededication, and being filled with the Holy Spirit at camp. Scholarships will help those, particularly who cannot afford the expense of camp on their own.

GOAL: $5,000

Grace Students Missions Trip Scholarships

Our vision is that every student at Grace will participate in at least one mission trip before they graduate high school. A mission trip has an incredible impact on students and our vision for a lifelong faith in Jesus Christ. We will provide scholarships to assist in the vision of every student participating in a mission trip.

GOAL: $10,000

Update Grace Kids Spaces

Our heart is to have a world-class space for kids where they are cared for, disciples, and developed into lifelong followers of Jesus.  We want to update the look and feel of Grace Kids spaces as well as provide the necessary equipment and technology to communicate well with “digital natives.”

GOAL: $50,000

Scholarships for Students Attending Christian Universities

We provide a $500 scholarship each year for students who attend colleges, universities and secondary schools that are evangelical in nature.

GOAL: $5,000

Missionary Associates / MAPS Workers / YWAM Missionaries

God continues to raise men and women from Grace who take the first step in career missions by serving overseas for anywhere from six months to two years. Our goal is to fund much of their cash expenses so that they can get to their field of service as soon as possible. Sara Nelson is an MA with AGWM and is now serving in West Africa. Rebekah Polley is a career missionary with AGWM, now serving in Lithuania.

GOAL: $10,000

Speed The Light

Grace Students are rallying together to give and raise funds to provide equipment needed for our missionary team to have the tools they need to spread the gospel of Jesus.

GOAL: $5,000

Boys and Girls Missionary Crusade

Grace Kids give and raise money to fund a missionary project. Through this, kids connect with God's heart for lost people and grow in their awareness of opportunities to share the gospel with the whole world.

GOAL: $5,000

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