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Global Missions

Global Missionary Partnerships

Currently, we support as many as 250 Missionaries around the world and in our nation. Consistent and ongoing monthly support is vital for each missionary to effectively serve in their respective areas. Five percent of our General Fund income is designated toward monthly support of these global ministry partners.

GOAL: $350,000

World Serve International

The mission of World Serve is to provide clean water, sanitation, education, and economic opportunities to alleviate suffering in Africa. World Serve sees over 100,000 people experience life change yearly through their large-scale, sustainable, solar-powered water projects. There are 319 million people in Sub-Saharan Africa living without access to clean water, and even more living without sanitation. We will provide a new well for a village in Equatorial Guinea to strategically advance the local church. Read more about clean water projects at

GOAL: $50,000

People Helping People Network

Our goal is to finish construction of a church building in the community of Auchapan in El Salvador.  This partnership with PHP and Kings Castle Ministries will create a church for the community as well as serve as a Christian School. You can learn more about PHP at

GOAL: $25,000

Project Rescue

Project Rescue exists to rescue and restore victims of sexual slavery through the love and power of God.

GOAL: $100,000

South America (Christmas Offering with The Stone Table)

In our Christmas offering this year, we will partner with The Stone Table group to provide strategic outreach in South America. The projects will include church planting and training, college ministries, compassion initiatives and feeding programs.

GOAL: $100,000

Convoy of Hope

COH provides disaster relief, feeding programs around the world, women’s empowerment, and rural compassion projects. Through our partnership with Convoy of Hope, we can be ready to help people in need. One component of this fundraising is the annual HOPE AT THE BRICKYARD golf tournament in August. More details can be found at

GOAL: $50,000 

People Helping People.jpeg

MissionTD International

MTD provides missions-based trips for current and former Pro Football Players/Coaches, College Players/Coaches, and HS Players/Coaches. MTDI is using American Football to share the gospel around the world. We have mostly worked in Portugal and Spain but have been asked to visit over a dozen other countries. Support from Grace Assembly will help MTDI founder Andre Dobson (Greenwood Christian Academy head football coach) equip upcoming camps and future trips.

GOAL: $5,000

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